Thursday, July 19, 2007

First Night in his Crib!

Well, Eli finally grew out of his play yard that he has been sleeping in for 2 years.
While I was out of town, Lonnie tore the crib down in Eli's room, and set it up in our room.

Tonight is is first night in his crib. It's weird, but it's almost sad, cause he's just getting so big!
He's NOT a baby anymore. I know this seems contradictory, because he should have been in his crib for the last two years, and be going into a toddler bed now, but this is just how it worked out for us...another in a long line of differences for us as parents.
I finally get to enjoy the nursery bedding I picked out...but it is way too baby-ish for him now!
Oh, well...he doesn't care...yet! :)