Friday, July 6, 2007

4th of July

We've had an interesting week here at the Berkheimer 'cat farm'.
Lon got a sinus infection last weekend...and has been nursing it all week.
It's the hottest weather we've had yet this year, and he can't handle the air conditioning!
Ugh! Eli and I hang out in the living room and he's in the bedroom with the door closed.
Eli and I do OK as long as we stay cool :)

Our 4th of July was uneventful. I remembered we had three big sparklers from about 5 years ago when Fireworks were still legal...and so I dug those out and lit them after dark.
It was kinda fun.
Lon and I sat on the front porch with about 8 cats around us! They were intrigued by the sparklers! I sure miss the days of buying fireworks at a stand, and having a light show at home on the4th! Why do people have to be so stupid and irresponsible? Why do laws have to be made to take rights away from us intelligent folks? Why, Why, Why, I ask you!! It really bugs me.....but, I'll step off my soap box now :)


Pauline said...

We can't have fireworks in cali because it is so dry, but i remember the days of doing fireworks at home!

Tracie said...

Hi Amy!

Fireworks have been illegal here for a very long time too only the ones that explode - what fun are sparklers to us adults these days anyway? LOL.

Do you live somewhere that is remote?? We were able to watch fireworks from my cousin's driveway which was nice, the weather was decent too. :)