Thursday, July 26, 2007

Shout Out to my Conover Friends!

Hey everybody! I hear I have some groupies at Conover?
hahahaha Yahoo!

Thanks for checking in on us...and keeping in touch.
Not a whole lot happening around here right now. So, I haven't been posting.
This week we are laying low and getting some projects done around the house.
Next wednesday my sister Shiela is coming up from John Day, OR and staying a couple days.
Lon and I have an "appt." on Thursday and she will watch Eli for us. First day away from my baby! Aagh! I'll go check on him on our lunch hour! Duh! :)

Then comes the rest of August...
Saturday the 18th - End of Summer Potluck at our house! (4pm, I think - we'll try to beat teh heat?) Bring your favorite dish to share. Oh, by the way - there will be a really cute VeggieTales BD cake there, too! :) Someone's turning 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have a family party to go to on the 26th, and also the Annual Berkheimer Picnic in Selah sometime in August. Busy Busy!

The first anniversary of my Momma's death is the 27th. :(

Talk to you again soon...