Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Eli got a Train Set!

This is the cutest little train set! Eli had so much fun with it in therapy yesterday.
When you press the conductor the whistle blows and you hear a train sound as it goes around the track. There is a Monkey and an Elephant riding in the traincar, and each makes the appropriate sound when you push them.
Eli liked to grab the train and derail it. Typical boy, huh? He like to grab the conducter out of his seat, too. It was great!
See his hand on the little monkey?

Here is Karla - his PT - working on his trunk control so he can "sit and play".


Tracie said...

Ooh trains for boys!! My boys LOVE their train sets and they too got one very similar to the one Eli has!! Of course they did all sorts of weird boy stuff with them, they moved onto Thomas and Friends...oh goodness the expense!!!

WTG Eli keep up the good work!!!

Pauline said...

Trains Trains and Planes isn't that all the things that little boys like!
Looks like he is making progress with his PT.