Sunday, August 12, 2007

Eli's ER Visit

August 10, 2007

As most of you know, Eli gave us a scare Friday Morning! At about 9 am he woke up from a nap, and started coughing a croupy cough and spit up some thick secretions....and went into respiratory distress. I called 911 and we took an ambulance ride to the ER. He spent the night in ICU, and then Saturday afternoon in the Pediatric make sure he wasn't getting a virus. He didn't have a fever or any symptoms of illness, they believe this happened when he had some reflux come up and it was thick, and he aspirated, and it sent his esophogus into a spasm, and his airway constricted. Due to his Tracheal Malasia (sp?) it can happen quickly for him because his airway is already compromised.

It was the scariest experience we have had so far! It took them a half an hour to get him stabilized. I was terrified. God was with us, but he sure did make us learn a little patience that morning. They got an IV in his arm, but it didn't want to work...and they needed to get the drug in him to help him breath! I was starting to get a little worked up, and the Doctor threatened to make me leave "if I caused a problem." Yeah, Ok. Get the handcuffs, then...and drag me out!
Anyway, after that, I just held Eli's hand and leg, and hunkered down beside the bed (trying to get out of the way of all the arms reaching in to him) and prayed until he started breathing again. I never want to go through that again. Please, God, hear my prayers...and let my son be healthy.
This picture was taken after they got him stablized, of course!
I had my camera in my purse, and decided to document
the event in Eli's scrapbook. A couple people looked at me funny, the Dr. included, but one woman knew why. She said, "are you a scrapbooker?" :)
There were 12-15 people in the room working on him. A few had left, but it was an interesting site, when I walked out of the room, and looked back in. I just had to have pictures.

We came home Saturday evening, and Eli is doing well. He's a little congested, and needy.

He has bruises up and down each arm from where they poked him so many times to get IV's going...and then redness when all the tape gets pulled off. Poor baby!

He's on Prednisone for two days and it keeps him wired, so naps are hard.
Keep praying for us everyone. Thank you!


Pauline said...

It it wonderful to hear that god was with you and that ELi is okay!

Megaroo said... scary :( I am so glad that Eli is on the mend. You and Eli are in our prayers, ALWAYS!

Tracie said...

Oh Amy I can only imagine how you felt during this! I'm so glad to hear that Eli is doing well and recovering - I had an ER trip once for my youngest when he turned one, was severely dehydrated from contracting the ROTO Virus - IV and an overnight stay!

God Bless you for being able to hold it together long enough to snap a few pictures!! God will also bless little Eli, will also keep him in my prayers.