Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Gift Ideas for Eli's Birthday

Ok. Now here's the deal. Eli doesn't need any presents for his birthday.
I am not having a party to solicit gifts. However, some of you are so stubborn,
that you won't take "No!" for an answer. So, here are some ideas...because I know
it can be a challenge thinking of things for him. Crayons won't work, unfortunately.

  • Receiving blankets - cotton/flannel - We can't have enough of these!
  • Onesies - size 24 months.
  • Crib Sheets
  • Boppy covers - Eli still uses his boppy several times a day while digesting his food.
  • Music CD's. Fun kids songs.
  • Anything that plays Elmo's voice.
  • Pants - size 18 months. sweats or soft cotton. No jeans please.
  • or just your presence at his party!!!!!!! :)
An embarrassed Mom.


Pauline said...

What a GREAT picture!

Tracie said...

Hi Amy!!

How are you doing?! Looks like Eli is going to have a grand party!! My son was recently invited to a friend's party (she turned 5) and the invitation said, 'in lui of gifts, please donate to Easter Seals' and she sent the envelope to make it easy! I thought that was sure different and and a very cool idea!! Might be something to consider for next year ;)