Thursday, August 16, 2007

Eli's New Seat - The Special Tomato

Here is my happy boy sitting in a seat! Yahoo!

His therapist brought it on Tuesday for us to try
out for a few days. He loves it! It has wheels so I
can take him around the house with me while I do
stuff. It's great! This will give him so much more
input...about life in general. He has no idea what I'm
doing most of the time. Now he can be a part of things.
We have to return this to the therapy center and wait
for ours to get approved by insurance, ordered, and delivered.
So...unfortunately, we can't make much of a routine out of it
just yet. For now, I'm making it fun. Just hanging out.
Eventually, though, we hope to be able to put him in it
to feed him. Like a big boy! :)
Eli is doing well. Thanks for all your prayers, emails, and phone calls!
The next step is to go to Seattle and have a Ph probe test done.
We are waiting to hear back from Children's Hospital when they can get us in.
Their GI Dept. is busy, and booked out for a long time. We hope to get an appt.
as soon as possible. He will spend the night in the hospital and they will but a "string"
down his throat into his stomach and it will measure the acidity in his stomach. It will also, tell us how often he is refluxing and how high it goes in his esophogus.
If it is really bad, we will have to make the decision of whether to put him through a Nissen surgery to help him. Yikes.
Don't forget about the Berkheimer Bash this weekend!
Saturday, August 18th - 4:00 pm - our house
Dessert and Drinks will be provided


Pauline said...

Amy is that like a car seat and stroller all in one! Looks like it would be a wonderful thing to use around the house!

Mommy of 3 said...

Hey Amy - I just wanted to tell you beautiful Eli's smile is, He looks like he really enjoyed being upright and yes in sight of things. Have a great Weekend - Love Nicole