Sunday, August 19, 2007

Eli's 2nd Birthday Party!

We had a great turnout for Eli's party. Thank you to everyone who came!!
The potluck food was fabuluous.

We had a little mishap with the cake. It was all MY fault! I ordered the cake a long time ago, to beat the summer wedding rush with the cake lady. I had planned to have his party on the 25th...and then needed to change the date to accomodate another family party. Oops! I forgot to call the cake lady and change it. So, she is going to do a smaller version of the VeggieTales cake and deliver it on Thursday - Eli's actual birth day.
I'm glad I made cupcakes - for pictures sake, anyway. Only two people at them.
But there was ice cream...and that made the kids happy!
Here is the Bob the Tomato pinata that I made. The kids had a blast ripping into him and getting the bounty of goodies: Teddy Grahams, Fish Crackers, Fig Newtons, Cars Gummy Snacks, Fruit Rolls, Kisses, and mini candy bars. The kids ranged in age from 1 to 14, so I had to be creative with the pinata stuffers. The adults loved the Fig Newtons! haha

The weather was perfect...PTL it didn't rain...He saved it for Sunday instead!


Tracie said...

Wow Amy great job on the pinata! You are so megga talented. Glad to hear Eli's birthday was a hit and the kids all had fun, parties are a lot of fun! Happy early birthday Eli!!