Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Momma!

This is my Momma.  Being a ham at my best friends' wedding!
     It was September.  This was the [first] time she decided to shave her head, because she was tired of the bleached out/permed/fried hair she had.  (She ended up doing this several more times in her life!  Ugh!)
     So, she was hamming it up, making music with the beer bottle, and every so often pulling her hat back to show the newly shorn head!
I was so embarrassed, to say the least!
My Aunt and Cousin are probably crying at remembering this event!  It was a hoot!
     Then to top the evening off....when Amy (my BFF) went to throw her bouquet....all the girls were waiting below the balcony where she was standing, with high hopes of catching the coveted "good luck charm", right?... (I was already married, so I was watching it all from across the room)....Amy tosses the bouquet....and MY MOM comes FLYING from the sidelines, about knocks everyone over, and catches the bouquet!
Yup.  That's my Momma!
You know why she did it?  Because at my wedding 7 months prior, Amy caught my bouquet....and my Mom saw the heartbreak in my niece Amelia's eyes, because she almost had it, and wanted it so bad!  This was Mom's way at getting back at Amy for catching my bouquet!  Annialating her friends!  LOL!
Oh, do I miss my Momma!  Today would have been her 66th Birthday
Thanks for letting me share one of my MANY crazy stories about her!  I hope you got a laugh out of it???  :)