Friday, December 12, 2008

Tool Time with Eli

"Stop! Hammer time!"

Christmas is a weird time of year for us. Eli doesn't understand the concept of "holidays" and "presents" - so there are no stories of Santa around here.
If Eli needs something we buy it for him. Pretty simple.

I went Christmas shopping for him the other day....because Toys R Us had an awesome sale. I knew I wanted to get my THREE YEAR OLD BOY a toolbox for Christmas. It was on sale for $4.99 on Wednesday only.

Well, when I got to looking at what they had...there was a step stool workbench - which is just what I wanted! You see, all the big boy workbenches are for kids to stand at...which just wouldn't work well for Eli. He needs to be able to sit on the floor in my lap to play.

When I saw this I just had to have it! And of course I COULDN'T wait for Christmas to give it to him! So, on what would have been his Grandma Twila's 66th Birthday - we played with his new toys! We spent about 10 minutes playing. It was getting close to bedtime, and when he's sleepy he's usually pretty easy going....

Checking out the vice......

...holding a T-Square!

Eli is doing really well holding onto objects for extended periods of time.
The day after these pics were taken, we were playing and he held his wrench for almost 4 minutes! 4 minutes people! This is HUGE in our world! It's very big acheivement for him. :)
His teachers and therapist will be so proud when I get to brag to them! It's actually one of his goals at preschool! :)

Hmm...what tool shall I reach for next?

How about a saw!


....and finallly - it was just too much work to keep going....
how does Bob the Builder do it? LOL!

My boy was down for the count! Nigh' Night...Sweet Dreams my baby bug...


Lorie said...

Amy, I love the way your write. We can take nothing for granted and everything our boys do is so exciting. Remember that on the days that are hard. Each day is precious and a gift from God. May you and Eli be blessed today as you play with his toys!

margelina said...

Aww, well, that was alot of work, no wonder he's so tuckered out!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving some encouraging words for me...that was really nice to read.
Your son is one little cutie-pie!