Thursday, December 4, 2008

Computer is down...

My laptop is in the I'm having to use the hubby's computer.  (Much to his dismay!)
I don't have all my pictures...and I get a little out of breath just thinking about it!  What if the shop burns down?  What if someone breaks in and steals things?  Omigosh!
How crazy is it that we (maybe just me?) are so connected/addicted/attached to our computers?  I love being connected to my family and friends at just the click of a button!  It's a lifesaver for a stay at home Mom, I tell ya!
So, I share with you today one of my all time favorite pics of my boy....because it happens to be in Lon's computer for me to access!
Gotta LOVE that smile!   Eh?


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, great blog! Eli has such a sweet smile--what a charmer.

Heidi Case said...

Oh your not the only one thats attached to your electronics. If I dont have my cell with me I WILL turn around to get it.
I love this pic of Eli!