Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve with Grandpa Jerry

Thank you Grandpa Jerry for all the wonderful gifts! 
Three new DVD's, a huge teddy bear, and four soft blankets.
Wall-E came with a pillow, Mickey Mouse came with a doll, and Spiderman and Cars are fleece.
Unfortunately, not all of the pics turned out....will have to take more later....cause the fleece ones are neat!
Is it just me, or is Mickey giving two thumbs up?
Plus, we got a package from my sister Shiela today.  Wonderful knitted hats, scarves, slippers, homemade earrings, and beautiful pressed flowers in glass coasters!  We are so spoiled! :)  Thanks, Shi!
Isn't Eli styling in his new hat from his Auntie?


margelina said...

Merry Christmas!!!