Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bronco Riding and Standing Tall!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Hillbilly Valley!
We took Eli outside to ride in his Bronco. Here he is sporting his super-de-dooper cool shoes:

The "song of the day" was "Rubber Ducky" by Ernie. He cycles back and forth loving and hating this song. Today it really tickled his funny bone!
I'll never get tired of pictures of Eli CRACKING UP!!!

....or of his oh-so-serious face!


Then, yesterday afternoon, he had a good ol' time in his new stander!

There is a bucket that fits into the tray...and he can reach in and play with toys!

Again, cracking up at his music!
Nope. I'll never get tired of this smirk!

Right now we're only keeping him in it for 10 minutes. He has to build endurance as this position is soooo different for him. The pressure on his hips, knees, ankles, and feet are something to be very careful about. He wears his DAFO's while in here and it's just alot of "equipment" for the little guy to deal with all at once!

I caught a new face on "film".....
maybe one only a mother can love....but seeing his lips open like that is pretty cool!


Michelle said...

He looks like he is having so much fun! He is really standing tall in the stander. Now you'll have to think up new things, like what to put into the plastic bin. Hummm, sand, beans, play hidden treasures and let him dig up some neat things. Emily used her stander for a number of years. She enjoyed floating things in a dish of water, and looking at books also.

Anonymous said...


I just want to CRY..these are So AWESOME! I think they are my all time Favorites! He just looks so happy and maybe it is the weight he has finally gained, letting him enjoy his day and not be misrable? What ever it is "PRAISE GOD" from who all BLESSINGS come!...Love ya sis..Shi~

LynnEnsMom said...

I lOVE it! It is so great to see our kids gaining new abilities and freedoms!
Thanks for sharing his emotions with us.... how fun to see his various expressions!

Lynn EnsMom

Lucy said...

I love that smile!!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog :)

Lorie said...

Eli looks amazing! Such happiness on his face. You must be thrilled. I'm so glad he's doing good.


Kimi said...

Hi Amy,

Your blog looks great! Thanks for letting me know you used my stuff. :)

Your son is adorable. He looks so happy!

Thanks for the link,


Kimberly said...

I love this!