Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I've Been Working On The Railroad

Well, Eli just keeps getting better and better in his Bronco!  He goes so fast now...it's great!
If he loves the song he's listening to, he just runs.  Polly Wolly Doodle is still a fave, but the best last week was I've Been Working on the Railroad.  He hated that song forever...and now it makes him do this:

I'll never get sick of pictures of him smiling.  I waited a long time for them!
I'm going to go pick blueberries again this week.  Meeting a couple girlfriends on Wednesday evening.  Gotta re-stock as I sent most of my stash to my sister, via my niece when she went home.
Today is my first day at home, alone, with Eli in 10 days!
It was soooo nice having my niece here last week.  Made the days not so lonely.
My hubby has a three day weekend for the holiday - and our caregiver is available on Friday!  So after his early morning dump run to beat the crowds...we are having another date day!  :)
We haven't decided what we want to do though.  The weather is supposed to be almost 100 this weekend.
Wish we could go swimming somewhere!
We might hike to Umptanum Falls again, and actually go around and down to the bottom of the waterfall and have a picnic. 
We'll see. 
But, I'm sure I'll post about it afterwards! :)


Verna said...

That photo makes me smile too.
I can tell how he really loves it.
That is fantastic.

Hope you get lots of blueberries to replace the ones you sent your sister, and hope she appreciated and enjoyed the ones you sent her.

Have a great date with your husband.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Verna, Joe just loved/loves the Blueberries!
My Sister is the Bestest!......

I love that little laugh! How cute is that...take a zillion pictures Amy, He is changing so fast! Wow, I can not believe how grown up he looks in the pictures of him and Amelia! Wow...and I need not say..Handsome, cause I know you know that! Darling oxoxox :)

VR said...

Have a fun Date Day! And Have a beautiful Fourth of July! I love the picture of Eli smiling! He sure does love the bronco and getting around on his own! Cheers to many more smiling photos!