Monday, August 24, 2009

African Safari Birthday Party

We had Eli's birthday party on Saturday...
I baked the cakes.  My friend Karen decorated them, and I put the plastic characters on at the end.  I LOVE how this cake turned out!
Eli got spoiled by our family and friends....lots of presents.  A late August birthday sure does help a parent with the "back to school" shopping budget!  He's set!
The Family Portrait:
We had a Safari Treasure Hunt for the kids:
De Zanem = Welcome!
Kids On Safari:  (You can hardly see the big giraffe!)
The first clue:  Find the Lions
There they are! - and there's the first treasure box!  Lion = Gigne
...and we hunted Elephants = Wobugo
...and Giraffes (of course!) Giraffe - LaLaKum

Here is Eli and his friend Wyatt, who also has CP:
...and we hunted for Monkeys on safari!  Monkey = Gywaga
(each animal display had a small treasure box)
...and finally Zebras (didn't get the translation for this)....
Of course no party is complete without Lou Lou begging for a belly rub....
....and the dogs getting into the garbage after everyone leaves!  Ugh!
It was a wonderful party.  I may have to do another post later this week, since we only got about 140 pictures!  Thank goodness my friend Glenda took on the duty of photographer for the day!
Unfortunately, that means I'm in waaaaay too many pictures!  Not used to that!  I kinda like being behind the camera, you know?  I'm so thankful, though.  The party was over before I knew it...and I didn't even get to see much of it!  With all Glenda's photo taking, I was able to see what really happened!


Mom Of Many said...

Happy Birthday Eli! We loved all the pictures! Liberty and Emma and I were just pouring over them...what a perfectly planned party! Very clever girlfriend!

Everytime I come to your blog I get all teary...not completely sure why...but do know that I am thankful for you and your deep love for your precious Eli! I am so glad he is part of my bloggy world too! xo

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Eli! You are such a handsome 4-year-old. Your cake turned out so beautiful! Looks like fun was had by all. Good job mom!

Candace said...

SOOOO COOOOOOL! I love it! I am so glad that everything went well. By the way, I really am sending a thankyou card, but I have to go to the post office for stamps and you know what a BIG hassle that is, I am sure! I have a little gift for Eli's bday, too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELI!

Katy said...

Looks liek an awesome party. I really want to take Charlie to one of those places where you gt to feed the animals--my hubby is insisting we wait until it's a little cooler!

I saw another endangered species in this post--mom pics!

ShannonDBR said...


I gave you an award on my blog today (8.25.09). Please stop by & check it out. The party looked awesome!