Saturday, August 8, 2009

And The Winner Is.....

Thank you to everyone who entered my give-away!

The winner of the set of 8 notecards is: Candace over at Living with Faith!  Congratulations!

I'm over in the Seattle area this weekend visiting my Aunt and cousins.  It's our first trip out of town, (for fun) in over a year!  It's so nice to have mini-vacation.    We are hoping next year to be able to take Eli to the beach....but for now my 2 1/2 hr drive to my Aunt's is just what I needed.  Time with family.  Good food.
Games with my crazy uncle and cousins! :)  Ever played Buzzword?  These people know how to play games!  Hoping to play Balderdash tonight!  It's one of my faves!

Today's big adventure will be heading to Trader Joe's - I keep hearing how great it is and I want to check it out.  I can't imagine it being better than Metropolitan Market, though.  That place rocks!  I'll let you know...

Eli did AWESOME on the drive yesterday.  We stopped at the North Bend outlet mall and got Eli some Fall and Winter pajamas....and some new pants and size 4T onesies!!!!  Yahoo!  I love Carter's and The Children's Place!  It was naptime, and when my boy is's time to sleep.  NOW.
So, I held him in my lap on a bench outside of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and he took his nap.  This was a most unfortunate event! 
For me. 
First, I kept watching everyone come out of there with delicious treats!  Caramel Apples! Yummy! 
Second, my back decided to have a spasm.....I was dying!  When my right arm started shaking...I had to wake him up!  He got a 35 min nap.  Better than nothing, and pretty good for a road trip!

We hit the road again...and finally made it to Auntie's house!  I love it here!


Candace said...

Hi Amy,
Oh gosh! I can't believe I won your C-U-T-E cards!!! I am so excited and I will treasure them since you made them! I remember that after Faith was born, we didn't go anywhere for 16 months! When we finally took an overnighter in Columbia for a S.N. conference we took her to the zoo. We were like, People? What the heck? I can't believe that Eli can just zonk out even with noises all around. Faith wakes up if you walk by her door (when it's closed!)LOL
Anyway, Thanks so much for the cool card giveaway, but you don't need to do them to get me to read, I PROMISE!!!

Mom Of Many said...

Hey Amy,
Just wanted to come by and tell you that I really did LOL when I read your comment about my bear - basically lets get together - you bring the boring and I'll bring the bear.

Thank you sweet friend for the fun!

Love, Linny xo

Michelle said...

Amy, I hope you had a great time on this side, lower temps, nice breeze. Next time we need to make plans to meet. Maybe have a picnic?


Katy said...

I'm commenting in the wrong place but I just wanted to say that I also want to know what my child's voice sounds like. He's just now starting to make meaningful sounds and I just love that little voice. I wish it could say something I could understand.

Beverly said...

Hi, I found your blog through Living With Faith. Your son is adorable!