Monday, August 17, 2009

Family - Flesh and Fur!

Does anyone else love pictures of their hubby and baby as much as me?
Last Saturday, my cousin Love'e and her husband Gary came over to visit. We haven't had pics of her holding Eli in a long we got this great pic!
My cousins took my mom's dogs after she died 3 years ago. It was such a blessing for me. I didn't have to worry about them during that most difficult time of my life. But, their life situation has changed and it was time for my "baby brothers" to move in with us!
I'd like you to meet HARLEY:
and BUDDY:
Harley needs a forever home where he will be spoiled rotten. We hope we can find one for him soon.
Buddy is fitting in really well with our dogs, and we are thinking we might keep him around. We'll see.
Eli has slept on his tummy, all night, for about two years. He now likes to go to sleep on his side...and I flip him over after he's in a deep sleep. Well, last night he decided to roll onto his back...and he stayed asleep!
My boy is growing up before my eyes, I tell ya!
For now, we can't leave him this way, because if he starts to stir, it will scare not long after this picture was taken, I put him on his tummy.
Then at 1:45 am when I got up to give Eli his meds, his tummy was wet. G-tube/Extension malfunction of some kind. Haven't had that happen before. I had to change his layers on his bed, change his clothes, underpants, re-dress his stoma, and put a new guaze wrap on his belly. That last thing finally woke him up....luckily I was I scooped him up and put him back in his bed, layed down with him and he went right back to sleep. Whew. Poor guy. I hate it when that stuff happens.
Today, he looked particularly fabulous while long sitting with Tina (his caregiver/therapist).
Of course, I had to grab the camera!
Have a great week everyone! We are starting our countdown to Eli's 4th birthday!


Candace said...

Hey Amy,
I thought you fell off the earth or something!!! I kept checking for days now... Oh I got my super cute, super fabulous, super awesome cards in the mail today!!! I am sending you a little thx note. I love the pics of Eli,so is his party this weekend? I bet it's going to be a blast! So you have added a few more to the crew.. funny how that happens, isn't it. Glad you are back bloggin'!~

Mom Of Many said...

Oh Amy - such sweet pictures of such your precious baby!! They are beautiful and yes, he is growing before all our eyes!! What a treasure! Much love from my home to yours...xo

VR said...

Those are wonderful pictures! Happy Birthday Eli!

Michelle said...

Oh I just hate those middle of the night leaks! Emily had one this week also, only it was around her urinary catheter..... too yukky. She uses a Nutraport feeding tube and it has a clip on it so it won't come apart. Works pretty well except for the med port.... which can come open on its own.
Can't wait for birthday pictures, he is such a handsome guy!