Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Forgive Me! - UPDATED - Give Away Info

I put the pond play background back on.  I missed it....and I can't decide on my next design - so it will have to do until then!  You still have a couple of days to enter my Give Away!!!  Leave a comment! :)

So far so good....several of you have commented already.  Let's have the rest of you "lurkers" come out of the woodwork and leave a comment and enter my give away!  Here is a picture of the set of 8 notecards you can win, just by leaving a comment on this post!  (includes envelopes, you choose which monogram letter).
(they are made with yummy Cosmo Cricket papers and Bazzill cardstock)

As much as I loved my Pond Play blog design (all the frogs and turtles at the pond in the background) - I was getting tired of it. AND not one person commented on it being cute. Kinda hurt my feelers. :) It was busy - I know - and some people don't like busy. I thrive on it!
Forgive me for the B O R I N G blog design I have right now.
I'm not feeling very creative tonight.

All the A/C we've been having to use with our heat wave we're having is giving me a killer headache tonight.

I'm tired.

Eli's had a couple rought nights, which means I do, too. We went to the Doctor today and he thinks he has an viral upper respiratory infection. No meds at this time...hoping to take care of it with humidifiers and saline and suctioning.

I'll re-design it when I'm feeling more inspired. Thanks for stopping by - and reading this most boring post ever! :) I'll make it up to you by having a GIVE AWAY!!!

All you have to do is LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST and you'll be entered to win a set of 8 monogrammed notecards, handmade by me. Contest will end Friday. You do not need to have a blog to leave a comment. Just make sure to leave your email address so I know how to get ahold of you for an address.

I'm going to bed now....G'night!


Krystle Poplaski said...

I love those cards. Very creative. And this page isn't boring. I don't need to be entered into the give-away. I love reading about your son. Thanks for being such a great mom to your loveable son.

VR said...

I never thought to comment on the blog design. I loved the frogs and the pond and I love the striped sweater look right now! Mine is what you would call boring... I will have to figure out how to change it to make it sparkle a bit more.

I hope that the infection goes away soon. It is going around the state and it probably has everything to do with the weather and having to run the AC so much (in and out of cold to very hot takes a toll on the body). Hugs to both of you. It is never fun to watch your child suffer with any illness.

Keep writing! It is wonderful to read about your beautiful family. It is encouraging and also a joy! Boring or not - keep it up!

Virtual hugs for you and Eli!

Candace said...

Oh, poor Amy! Your blog design was my absolute FAVORITE! I just showed it to Carl the other week and he was like "That is so cool, how did she do that?". I guess I should have thought to mention that before. I think you should put it back up! PS did you get my email about where I found my background w/ the three columns?

Amber said...

These are super cute...and as this is my first time here...I'm dying to see the old layout! :0)

Michelle said...

Your old design was cute! (It was a bit busy for me though) Look at those cute cards. Are those papers something you get at a craft store, or do you print them out? I've never made cards before. Grace will probably have me doing it before long.

Sara said...

I like both the frogs and this new sweater look. Everything you do looks awesome, you're so creative. I just LOVE the picture of Eli by the window. Hope you both feel better soon and keep blogging! I enjoy your website and visit it almost everyday.

Michelle said...

Amy, I forgot to ask, did you make that old blog image? It really is cute. I'm missing it.

Anonymous said...

Well, see what whinning gets you! AND I did comment on the blog when you changed it..BUT I love this picture of Eli...So darling...When I opened it up I said OOOOOOOH! before I could hardley see...Love it Aims...

Anonymous said...

Hi Ami,
I have to admit, I am a lurker. Kind of creepy, I guess. Not meaning to ~ Just enjoying a glimpse into the everyday norms of another special needs mama. My little guy has Down Syndrome and I enjoy reading your blog about your beautiful Eli.

Lauri St.Pierre

(I have a private site about our lil' G man that you are welcome to lurk in, as well...just let me know if you want to and I will give you the info *smile*)

Lorie said...

Amy, hoping Eli feels better really soon. I love the picture you have at the top!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I love your blog background! The frogs and animals are too dang cute. :)

The notecards are so pretty, I would love to win them!

Katy said...

I think you have a very nice background, but I never comment on people's backgrounds--maybe I should?

Please enter me in your drawing--I love me some stationery.

Anonymous said...

Coming out of the lurking woodwork to comment!
I'm another mama of a special needs little one, and I have really enjoyed reading about your little man - he is just too cute!
Your cards are beautiful! I have tried making cards and whatnot, and while I enjoy it, my product is never as good as what I planned on making!

Coley said...

We've been having some rough nights here lately as well. Hope you are able to get some sleep soon!

Love the cards. I used to be so into making my own cards and stamping but haven't done it in ages.

Keri said...

I'm glad you brought back the Pond Play cause it is adorable!