Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Farewell Zeke

Our cat Zeke, you know the one that was Cuckoo for Canteloupe?, he finally had to give in to his illness.
Two days before Eli's big birthday party - we could tell it was time.  He quit eating.  Then he started having labored breathing.  So, the morning of Eli's party (8/22/09), Lonnie took him in to have him euthenized.  We couldn't watch him suffer any longer. 
Lonnie had Zeke for about 12 years.  We had a wonderful 7 weeks with him while he was sick.  We wouldn't trade that for anything!
We buried our beloved pet the morning of Eli's party.  Our graveyard in our backyard if filling too quickly.  We've had four pets die in the last year.  (We've had 4 others run away since we moved here)  It's been hard for us to deal with.  We love our pets...and wish we knew what happened to them, at the very least!
We are now down to only 11 cats.  That's a big deal to us!  We haven't had that low of a census since we got married!  (Lon had 7 and I had 4)  But, since the dog count is now UP due to my mom's dogs coming to live with us...I guess it all works out, doesn't it?


Sarah Dawn said...

Pure joy, I love your blog header. God has beautiful plans for Eli and has placed him in the perfect home for those plans to unfold.

Blessings to you from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

VR said...

He looked like a beautiful and loving friend! Hugs to you all!

Katy said...

So sorry about Zeke and WOW that is a lot of cats.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love that first picture Amy..that is an award winner for sure...you should blow that up and frame it for Lonnie! I am so glad he got to enjoy his life as long as he did!..Sorry for another loss though! ..My tears go down with you both!..love ya sis!