Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bathing - Leckey vs. Otter

Bathing has always been hard, but as Eli gets bigger and stronger it's getting worse.  He wants to roll over and drown himself, and I get a little freaked out at the idea!

We are now trying to decide if we should get a bath chair. I was thinking of the Otter Bath Seat - as it's less expensive, and seems to have enough straps to keep him safe:

But our DME supplier is recommending the Leckey Advance Bathing Seat:

I like the leg support....but it's over twice as much money.  And it seems bigger.

Of course, for last night's bath, I came up with a fabulous new way to prop his head up so it's out of the water, so even if he does get his face to the side it won't end up in water!  Now we might not need a chair for a while longer....we'll see how it goes for a few more baths.
We are thinking having this big chair to deal with in our bathtub might be a bit of a pain in the 'you know what'.


Cjengo said...

We just got Jude's bath chair in, and it looks like the first one you posted. I have a pic of him on my blog with it. He is not happy with the fact it keeps his head still. Since he is still little I find myself bathing with him because it's so much easier, but I know that will pass soon.

Candace said...

Yeah Amy, Your alive! LOL! Faith's chair looked alot like the first one. But you might like the extended leg rests for Eli! We just propped Faith's up in the bathtub when we were done with it and would pull it out when we took our showers. Only mildly inconvenient. But very helpful. Worth it! So glad to see you posting, again.

Candace said...

PS Amy,
It looks like the second folds up, too, that might be really nice! If you are having to pay out of pocket, you might check ebay, just to see if someone has something for sale for cheap. We do that alot!

Katy said...

Wish I could be more helpful. We still just lay Charlie down in the bathtub and prop his head up on one of those bathing mats for babies. I guess I would want to know if the first one fold up too. Also, I'm with Candace, if your'e paying out of pocket then I'd go on Ebay and see what I could find.

Michelle said...

We have the first one, folds flat if need be, or leans back, or sitting straight up. I Like it because it drains well and doesn't rust. Emily has used that type exclusively.