Sunday, October 11, 2009

Catching Up...and a Give-away!

Lonnie took Eli out to the car for preschool last Tuesday...he looked like such a big boy with his hoody on.
This is the first year we've used a jacket for him! He's always been such a hot kid, he's never needed one in his carseat! Preschool and recess have made it a new necessity.

So, I got to order him a really cute coat, hat and gloves on Old 
I can't wait to share them with you! 
Guess what color they have in them? 
Leave a comment with your guess, and IF you guess correctly - you'll be entered into a drawing for a beautiful pair of earrings made by my sister Shi. 
Check out her website, she sells earrings and Tamari's to raise money for Sabu Help.  My niece's husband started it to help his village back in Ghana West Africa.  It's a wonderful project I've been very happy to be supportive of!  I hope you take a look, too!
I honestly can't remember if I've shown you guys Eli's new carseat cover!  Giraffe 'skin' :)
Anyway, here it is:


Bought Eli a real towel for bath time.  Had to take pictures!

Why does the blurry picture always have to  be one of the best one's?

It feels like Winter is setting in.  I guess we don't get Autumn this year!?
Buddy melted his way into my heart...he slept in the house last night!  He likes to lay by Eli :)  He gets as close to Eli's mat as he can without being ON it!  Good dog!


I haven't posted about my great nephews in a while.  Here is my new favorite picture of my nephew Adam and his son Asher, age 4 months:

I haven't met him yet, but don't you just want to eat him up?
And here is my nephew Matthew's son, Ashten, age 2:

He lives far away, and I don't even know if my nephew is still with his mommy.  Thank goodness for MySpace...I can go in once in a while and see how he's grown and steal a few pictures!  What a beauty - look at those blue eyes and toe head!  Just like his daddy!
Next is by niece Montana's son, Anongba, age 1 1/2:

His Daddy is from Ghana West Africa, that I mentioned above!  I've only got to see him twice, and it's NOT enough!  I need some kisses from that baby!
Here is Elisiah, age 10 and 3/4.  The 3/4's is important at that age right?  Or is that just a girl thing?  hee hee

I don't get to see him much either, but he is like an old soul.  You forget he's a kid when you talk to him!
I'm so lucky to have such a beautiful family!  I just wish they didn't all live so far away!


Mom Of Many said...

What sweet pictures. Love the one of the dog doing the "close, but not too close" pose.

Eli looks so sweet heading to pre-school. And as far as the coat? Ummm, no clue. But my favorite color is purple so I'm going with it.

Candace said...

Amy, Don't tell me that they have a giraffe print! LOL! Hey that would be great! Love the pics, and I really like Eli's play mat. How creative!

Katy said...

Am I supposed to guess a color? I guess orange because i just bought Charlie some fall stuff and there seems to be a lot of orange in my pile.

You do have a gorgeous family--so many cute kiddos!

Heidi Case said...

would it be cheating if I went to and checked ; ) just kidding...Im gonna guess giraffe print too.
Its hard for me to believe that Anongba is already 1 1/2, it sure doesnt feel like that long since you bloged about him being born. AMAZING

Nicole said...

Hey there girlfriend, I am totally going for orange, only because giraffe is not a color in the crayon box. LOL. I hope that Eli is able to stay super healthy in this really yucky flu season. Catch you soon. - nicole

Karen said...

Hi Amy,
Sweet pictures of your family. I can't believe the baby is that old!
I'm still bhave a rard time believing ours are 4. I am going to say red and blue.