Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Coat Arrived....And It's Going Back!

Well, you guys know I love Giraffes...but as my friend Nicole said, "that's not a color in the crayon box."
ORANGE is our favorite color around here!  So, of course I chose a coat with orange in it!  Here it is:

Unfortunately, the 3T is HUGE!!!!!  So, we'll be sending it back.  It's probably a good thing because we've pulled Eli out of pre-school while the swine flu runs it's he doesn't really need a coat now anyway.  Next year!

Anyway - the winners of my contest, for guessing the correct color, ORANGE, are:
My dear local friend from MOPS:  Nicole!  
And because my sister and I are so generous....we are giving a pair to the only other person who guessed right, my dear bloggy friend:  Katy, from Bird on the Street.

So, Girls - tell me YOUR favorite color and email me your address at:  3berks (at) fairpoint(dot) net and you'll get a fabulous pair of homemade earrings from my sister Shiela at From Shi's Garden.

Thanks for playing along!!!


Katy said...

Hooray!!!! I feel so smart. I'll e-mail you my address and favorite color!!!

Sorry that the jacket didn't work for Eli. You know, I bought Charlie a jacket last year and his tiny self still fits in it--having small kids isn't all bad:)

Shay said...

I am excited about going shopping for my kiddo's jackets! However, it barely gets cold enough here! We love orange too!

Candace said...

Hey Amy, Love the background! Hope everyone is still healthy 'round your house!

Nicole said...

AAAHHHHH I won, I love that. I never win. I to have come to embrace all things fall as of late and am loving the orangy side of things. we picked out the kitchen color (fresh baked pumpernickel bread) a real burnt orange color. I do hope to make it tomorrow. I will email you my address. Thanks and color for the fabulous earrings, green or pink - gold not silver - Emma will probably take them any how - tweeny girl that she is.