Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dressing Up

Halloween is around the corner!
Oh, how I loved Halloween as a kid. FREE CANDY! I was never too proud to beg! I loved Trick-Or-Treating. I lived in an apartment complex, so me and my neighbor friends would get together and hit all the apartments....then start down the road knocking on houses. I grew up in a VERY SMALL town in Eastern Oregon and it was still safe in the early 80's! Sometimes, if it was really cold, we'd pile in a couple cars and our moms would drive us around to hit some of the "good" neighborhoods.

No. Not the rich one's.
The "good" one's! The middle income people who spend a day's wages on chocolate bars to hand out to begging goblins! :) You KNOW what I mean, right? People in the rich neighborhoods gave out Dum-Dum suckers. Yuck! Why do they even make those things!?

Eli hasn't had a great experience with Halloween yet. Someday he'll party like the Great Pumpking gang!

His First Halloween he was 2 months old. I took him to visit my former co-workers and to show him off in his pumpkin pajamas:

His Second Halloween, I donned his Giraffe costume (gift from a friend) and we went to lunch at Olive Garden with my two friends and their kids....Elmo and a Kitty Cat.

His Third Halloween, I dressed him up like "Old MacDonald" ... who had a farm...and as we say around here .... "E-li, E-li, Oh!" I took him to our church party and he screamed for about 20 minutes. Guess he was over-stimulated. We left his friends Cookie Monster and Puppy behind to play in the jumpers....and we went home.

Last year, Eli's Fourth Halloween, he had Swim Therapy that day. So, we dressed him up in his Pirate costume and I got to show him around the Therapy Center. He wore his costume for about 30 minutes. That's why I won't pay more than about $5 for a costume!
This year was supposed to be his big "halloween experience" year! Carnival party at the Civic Center in our small town. A night out amongst his peers. Maybe we'd see kids from his preschool. He'd get to watch all the kids run around and play. I was excited.
Then a stupid Oinking Flu had to hit our world! Grrrrr!!!!
But thanks to some of my awesome friends, I have a fabulous costume planned for Eli and his Dad - but you'll have to stay tuned to find out what they might be! Only two more weeks to go!


Candace said...

Ok Amy, the pics were so cute. You guys don't have the flue do you? I sure hope not! We did a stupid thing last week and took Faith to our local elem. school carnival. Carl's sis is the principal so she got us in free. Then later that night, I thought about the risk we took exposing her to all those kids with that flu running around. I felt so stupid. Thank God, she didn't come down with anything! I am not usually that thoughtless! Faith is going to be Laura Ingalls for halloween. I only spent about 10 bucks on everything, including having to order a bonnet on ebay. I made her apron and found her dress at the local thrift store. Can't wait to see what Mr. Eli looks like!

Katy said...

Great pictures!

Halloweeen hasnt' really showed up on Charlie's radar yet, but maybe this year will be a little better--last year he fell asleep after about thirty minutes in his costume--watcha gonna do?