Sunday, December 7, 2008

Goodbye, Janelle - A New Kitty - Sunset - and BRONCO RIDING!

Janelle, the intern PT, had her last day on Friday. We'll miss you!

She grew to love Eli, (like everyone who meets him does!), and she shed a few tears as she said goodbye.
Eli was so tired during therapy, but rather than fuss...he was Mr. Complacent. :) It was a good day.
(sorry if I spelled your name wrong!)
Eli walking in the KidWalk Gait Trainer again. He does SO GOOD in this! It just doesn't have enough (or any) head support for him.

The newest addition to the "Berkheimer Bunch":
Holly Hobbie Kitty - makes 14 again!
We did put a sign up at the mailboxes on our road...
we'll see if anyone claims her? She's still just a kitty and sweet as can be!
Not a great pic - just a pretty colored sunset!
It was a beautiful sunny day on November 29th!!
(the black cat is Stanley - so nosey and so friendly!)
(yes, that's his DVD player attached to his Bronco!)