Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back in Touch with a Dear Friend

Hi Kaoma!  Just thought I'd surprise you with a post about you!

My childhood was less than stellar.  During the hardest years of it (4th - 6th grade), my BFF was Kaoma.  We lived at the same apartment complex, and her homelife was a little crazy, too...and we bonded in a way only kids going through it all can.  I thank God for her, and my stepsister Mary.  I wouldn't have made it through it without them.

Some of my greatest memories with her? 
  • Mary braiding Kaoma and my hair into tons of small braids.  We loved it!  We wore them for days, swimming in them and everything.  I loved having my hair all wavy when we took them out....and Kaoma would wash hers right away....she hated the waves.  Plus, she used to brush her hair several times a day...she had beautiful think shiny hair.....and she took good care of it!
  • Playing house with the little neighbor girls.  We'd fight over who would get the littlest one as our "baby".  We loved playing with her hair.
  • Playing dolls.  Kaoma had a special doll with beautiful hair....and we just loved to play with her.  Thanks for sharing her with me!  Do you still have her?
  • Writing in our journal.  We shared one.  We each wrote on one side.  We'd each take turns hiding in her closet writing our deepest thoughts.  (Going rollerskating, loving Mrs. Bailey our 4th grade teacher, and our crush on Max.)   Oh, yeah.  Good times!
  • Sledding down the hill behind our apartments.  Playing down by the river.  Sneaking over the fence into the pasture nearby, to have some quiet time under a tree.
  • Floating the river!  And crashing hard on the rocks!  Ouch!
  • Bonnie, Kaoma's mom, playing her guitar at night and singing us to sleep.
Ah, yes.  Indeed, there were some very good times, during those dark days of my homelife.  For some reason I just can't let go of it all.  Keeping the good memories alive is therapeutic.  Dwelling on the ugly is not.

The above picture was taken at our 10 year class reunion.  (It's hard to believe our 20th is next year!)
I am NOT that old, dang it!

Thanks to a connection on Facebook I was able to get back in touch with her.  They say every woman needs five girlfriends.  One being from their childhood.  I am blessed to still be in contact with three of my childhood friends!

Good to find you again, sisterfriend!  I'm glad life is well for you in California!
Love, Aim