Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back to Good

Well, the colon cleanse worked...for now. Eli became a poopin' machine on Tuesday and Wednesday! Woo Hoo! Prunes are a magical thing! Now we just gotta figure out what his maintenance routine is going to be. It's a fine balance between tummy aches due to "back-up" versus "too much fiber & fruit"!
Today, Eli went back to pre-school after nearly two months off. When all his problems started last November I began wondering if he kept getting sick from "pre-school germs", so I decided to take the month of December off. By the time Christmas break came around we realized it was more than colds or flu. Then, the first day back for him in January - I totally forgot! Oops! The next week he had his Seattle doctor finally today - we made back to pre-school!
He did great in OT. Lots of stretches and massage from the COTA.

We go in and visit his classroom after OT. There is a new boy in his class. It's up to 6 kids now, with one teacher and two aides.

Four mobile kids and two not. Makes me even more uncomfortable with the thought of laying him on the floor. It seems that three of the four mobile kids are Autistic...and so unpredictable. If they fell on him or dropped a toy on him, I would just die! So, for now, he stays in his stroller, or in my lap....thankyouverymuch!!!

Teacher Rene'e had him reach into a tray of these little plastic pieces (they are tiny pieces of plastic used to meltdown and make plastic grocery bags, I guess)....Eli grabbed a handful, and was doing well....until the lone girl in the class decided to come up and reach in and throw a handful on the floor! Playtime was over....the beads were now infected with germs. LOL!

Then, the new boy decided to come and EAT some of the miniscule little things off the floor. My mother's instict kicked in and I said, "No, no, Baby. No, no."
Uh Oh!
I don't think you are allowed to say "NO" to the preschoolers.
Teacher says, "Oh, he's probably going to throw himself onto the ground now".
YUP! He did.
Oh, well! I'd rather have him throw a fit, than eat [and or choke on] plastic!
One minute later, he's off playing somewhere else. Life went on. Imagine that!?
Teacher says, "It's his second day in class, we are trying to get to know him and his ways." Um, yeah. Could someone tell me WHY it's not mandatory for a parent to attend the class with the child the first day or two, to tell the Teachers what the child's behaviors and sounds mean? They are non-verbal. They need an interpreter in new situations!
Sorry. I just don't get it.

Now, can someone get some dry lima beans for this class, please? Sheesh!


~ shi ~ said...

I am so glad he got to go to school ! and kudo's to you for being a responsible parent, that does not just drop her child off for someone else to watch! sounds crazy to me! lima Beans huh! why not a garbage bag chopped into little piece! gee-whiz!

Tell E-man that aunty-gram is waiting for a new coloring master piece! hugs and love oxoxoxoxoxo