Thursday, January 8, 2009

Goodbye Sweet Nellie Girl

If you had ever been to our met Nellie!
She was the friendliest little welcome wagon around!

She loved to attack any shoes left by the front door!
She had a lot of medical issues over the years...I shudder to think how much money we spent...but if you knew would have loved her enough to do it all, too!
She showed up at our house in September 2003.  Just as our rescued kittens Peanut and Emmett were ready to come out of the rescue room....uh...I mean bathroom!
She was the best surrogate Momma to them!
She immediately took them under her care, giving them baths and loving on them.
I'm gonna miss her so much.
She had been acting lethargic the last few days, and Wednesday afternoon we decided we'd take her to the vet on Thursday.  By evening, she was in the box we have on a table by the front door...struggling for each breath. We called the vet, and he met us afterhours.  He thought she was severely anemic.  He put her on oxygen, which calmed her breathing a little, and they drew blood.  Then they put her in an incubator to keep her warm and on oxygen.  He said he'd do x-rays next.  I decided to go home and wait for him to call with the results.  His call 20 minutes later said she had a massive tumor pushing the air out of her lungs, and filling her chest with blood.  I said, "I'll be right there...don't put her down til I get there."
When I got there 10 minutes later...she was already gone...
my heart is broken.


~ shi ~ said...

I will miss nellie with you! She was a sweetie! I am so glad you got to resue her! She had a much better life then she would have had! You were used for His glory, and I thank you for being available! :)

margelina said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. She was very lucky to have lived in such a warm, loving home. I am a firm believer that pets become just as much like our children as human ones are. I'll be thinking of you. ((hugs))