Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Colon Cleanse for Eli

I try to get Eli a Giraffe everytime we go to Seattle Childrens Hospital.  Here is today's new friend:

Well....Eli's so full of poop his eyes are brown.  Sorry - just a silly thing my Momma used to say.....and I couldn't resist :)

Today, after a visit with Dr. Wahbeh, the GI Doctor at Seattle Children's was decided that Eli needs a colon cleanse.  Nice.

Cerebral Palsy wreaks havoc on your muscles and their movement.  We knew that.  Turns out one of the muscles it can affect is the ol' Sphincter muscle!  Plus, he's just not fully getting rid of his "junk" and he needs a little help.

So, we begin a regimen of Milk of Magnesia, Miralax, and Suppositories.  I'll be sure to keep ya'll posted about that!  I'm sure you can't wait to know more about Eli's bowel movements!  Let's just hope it solves the problems we are wanting it to solve:  to calm him down, take away his discomfort during feeds, help him be in a better mood during the day, and to sleep through the night so he can get his whole night feed.

Let's hope we are finally on the path to wellness for Eli!

After a beautiful sunny day in Seattle, with the temp at the top of Snoqualmie Pass being 51 degrees....we come home to a socked-in valley....frozen fog....30 degrees...and this...
God's beauty is so amazing!
God just thinks of everything, doesn't He?


Heidi Case said...

so I hope everything is "coming out Okay" and Eli is feeling better : )

Melanie said...

I hope the colon cleansing helps tremendously! You might try giving him Miralax regularly to prevent backup. We give it to our kids about 2 or 3 times each week, just to keep them regular.

The snow pics are GORGEOUS! Love them. God's beauty most certainly is amazing!!!!

margelina said...

Wow, those pics of the trees are just amazing!! Completely
beautiful! I hope that Eli is feeling better soon. He looks so happy to have a new "friend"!

~ shi ~ said...

Amy love your pictures! Yes, God is amazing, just look at the tiny frozen feathery ice crystals! always in AuntieGrams Prayers! Love ya so much!

total cleanse said...

Isn't he too you for colon cleansing. You have to be so sure before doing anything to your kid. Make sure you consult a doctor first and he/she recommends this colon cleansing.

Amy Genn said...

Normally I would just delete a comment from someone who I don't know...however, I thought it would be better to respond to "Total Cleanse" as they are from a website promoting a product!

You obviously DIDN'T read my post.
It says we saw a doctor...and it tells how we were doing the "cleanse" - which I only called that to be clever.

We are feeding him prunes, milk of magnesia, flax oil, and a little extra water. He's pooping more, and is feeling better.

We are happy and so is our doctor!