Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration Day - A Historical Moment!

I did not vote for him.
I am against abortion. 
I am against national health care.
I am against higher taxes.
I support the military.
I believe in Jesus.

I can appreciate this monumental moment in American history!  Having a black man as President of the United States of America is long overdue.  I wish Colin Powell would have run for president....I totally would have voted for him!  I have always had a heart for the plight of blacks in american history. 
I remember watching Roots as a child and crying so hard.  Seing how they treated the slaves was horrible.
I just couldn't understand why anyone could be so mean to another human being....just because of their skin.
I judge by actions....not skin color.

On Inauguration day I will probably shed a few tears as I watch the events on TV.  Tears of pride because America has taken such a huge step forward.   Tears of sadness for the [what I believe are] scary things to come for our nation.

I keep my faith in God. 
I pray hard that my son will always be taken care of.  I am thankful for our home and property.
I am thankful that we can grow our own food and raise animals if we need to.  I pray hard that we personally can make it through this recession.