Thursday, February 26, 2009

Endoscopy Has Been Scheduled!

They are going forward with their reflux ideas, and have scheduled an EGD ( Esophagogastroduodenoscopy ) for Friday at 8:45 am. All anesthesia carries the possibility of risk, but because of Eli's issues....we are a little concerned. I know God is in control, and I pray that we are going to get solid information that will help us figure out what Eli needs to get better....but I'm still human...and I'm just worried about it all.
Have you ever handed your baby over to an anesthesiologist and watched them walk out of sight?
It sucks.
Eli was only 5 months old when he had his g-tube surgery.....and that was hard enough. But, you know what? I'm even MORE attached to him now! :) I know I will be a blubbering mess in the morning.
Here is a picture I took this afternoon...before he went to sleep.

What do you think he's thinking?
Leave your thoughts in a comment...I'd LOVE to hear from all of you!


Lex said...

I'd like to think that he's praying for God to make him feel better.... and he's thankful for having such loving and caring parents :).

He's on our prayer list and we'll be eagerly awaiting the next update. God is good :). He will take care of Eli :).

Jen said...

Eli will be in my prayers as I can only imagine how difficult this must be! You are right that he is in God's hands but I know it's still scary!



Karen said...

Amy, We will be praying for all of youand that the doctors will find a way to help him.
Love you, Karen

Anonymous said...

You are an awesome mommy and that is why God gave you such a special little guy. I will be praying the Lord to give the Dr's the wisdom to figure out what is the best treatment and strength and energy that only God can give.

Love & Blessings to you,

margelina said...

My oldest had her tonsils out when she was six. She was screaming and turningaway as they put her on the table, and watching her be put under was the single worst experience of my life, I was a sobbing, hysterical mess as the nurse walked me out of the OR. I understand how you feel and will be praying for you all!