Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Baby and Me, a Cute Little Octopus, and Dog named Cliffy

I've ended up making it a tradition for Eli and I to have a little "self-portrait" photo shoot together on Valentine's Day.  Since we don't really get our picture taken together unless I take it...it's special to me to have them each year to look back on, compare, and reflect. 
Can you believe I don't have a single picture of us on a Mother's Day!?  Hello!!
Each time a do a photo shoot, I probably take at least 20 pictures....in hopes of one or two "good" ones.
Seriously, folks.  Could he be a model, or what?
This is one little handsome dude God created right here!
(But, why does the camera have to not focus on such an amazing shot, though?  Grrrrr!!!)
Hugs and Giggles.  Who could ask for more?
When introducing a new toy to Eli's World, we usually play with it just a little at a time and let him get used to it slowly.  He's never liked a toy the day we brought it home!  Then we place it on his blanket...so he can see it often....and roll over to touch it if he chooses.  We bought the Octopus for him in October.  Just this month he's decided to start grabbing onto one of his legs....and just hang out with it. :)  Is that cute or what?
Eli doesn't usually hold on to anything longer than a second or two.....but with Mr. O - he'll lay there like this for a few minutes!  It's a pretty cool toy.  If you press the top of his head he plays songs....and then each leg is a piano key.  Hopefully Eli will get strong enough to squeeze the leg and hear the sound it makes!
And then there's Cliffy.
If you'd like to adopt him he's available through Wags to Riches Animal Rescue.


~ shi ~ said...

Amy I think he is the Mostest Perfect guy! you Are so RIGHT! Love the new pictures! I hope you find a home for Cliffy!

I love the pics of you both also!

Lynnette Kraft said...

Eli is perfectly cute and huggable! I read on Shi's blog that he is going to the hospital. I wanted you to know that I will pray for Eli and your family. My heart goes out to you.