Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Over-Reacted. She Retracted. - AND We're Home!

Over-react?  Who me?  Thanks to my Momma I'm really good at it!  (Much to Lon's dismay!)
But, again, I plead "temporary insanity", due to the stress over a sick child...and major lack of sleep!!!

When Dr. Glew came by the next morning and did her physical exam and assessment, and consulted with the rest of the docs, she retracted her idea.  She is on board with the rest of the team, and they are all leaning towards it being REFLUX.

Eli had the Endoscopy Friday morning at about 8:30.  The pictures showed mild to moderate Esophagitis.  And his valve between stomach and esophagus is a little loose.  They've taken him off Prevacid...and he is now on a new drug called Zegerid.  Let's hope it works.

My "mommy instinct" says such a simple solution is not the complete answer to the major issues we've been having for four long months!

Lon and I are now approaching the idea of him getting the Nissen surgery, with a new attitude.
Surgery is a horrible thought for us.  It will be a very hard and stressful stay in the hospital, because Eli will be miserable during the healing.  Then a long recovery at home.  He is under-weight as it is....and we don't want him to lose more.  BUT.  If it will make all the pain and discomfort go away...we will have to do it.

Right now, they want to try the new drug for a few weeks and see if it gives him relief.  So that's what we'll do....while we pray hard for good results.

We drove home Friday afternoon.  Eli slept most of the way.  He woke up just as we got off the freeway.  He sounded awful!  His throat is really dry and sore from the intubation (breathing tube) while under anesthesia.  We got to our driveway, but I was scared to go home because I didn't want him to go into respiratory distress...and have to make the long drive from our house.  So, we turned around and went back to town and our local hospital.  We just weren't sure what to do.  So we sat in the parking lot for a while.
I called a some friends, around 6 pm, who live about 5 blocks from the hospital, and they graciously welcomed us into their home, with a moments notice, so we could keep watch over Eli to see how he'd progress....or not.

Eli fell asleep on their couch at 6:50 pm.  Now what?  :)
So, Andy and Jan offered us their family room for the night!  (Thanks guys!  We greatly appreciate the love you showed us last night.) We made Eli a bed on the floor, I slept on the couch, and we were WAY more comfortable than staying at the hospital for observation!  Mr. E decided to wake up at 3:00 am!!  After a failed attempt at getting him back to sleep, I called Lon, and he came and took us home.  We were home by 4:30 am, and at 5:20 I started feeding Eli, via syringe, slowly while he laid on the floor.  (We do this often, and don't have any problems.  We're getting worried because he hasn't eaten for three days!  He was on IV fluids)
So, the first liitle bit of food caused him to reflux, and I'm sure burn/irritate his sore throat!  It's been a hard morning as he's got a lot of stridor going on.  His throat is tight, and feeding continues to cause reflux....causing more stridor....etc...vicious cycle.  Dang it!

But, the boy has gotta I've now been holding him for over 2 hours, he's taken a couple little naps, and we've got his feeding pump at 1 oz an far so good!

Thanks to Lon, I got a three hour nap this morning...and got to shower.  I feel much better now that the hospital cooties are off!  sorry this post is so long.  A lot has happened and I don't want to forget this blog serves as my journal!  :)

Thanks for all the prayers, words of love, and happy thoughts!
Lon, Amy, & Eli


Mom Of Many said...

What sweet friends to let you crash at their home.

I pray God gives you wisdom and peace and that he heals little Eli completely - whatever it is!

Hugs from Colorado,