Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our Two Sons - Eli and Peanut

Peanut was born in July of 2003. 
Eli in August 2005.
Peanut was our first baby! 
We had to bottle feed him, around the clock.  I had to teach him how to go pee-pee!  And how to eat food off a plate!  He sleeps on a towel between our pillows every night!
We call him our "son".  :)
Peanut loves his little brother Eli!  Or he's really jealous!
Probably the latter!  LOL!
He's a bit of a camera hog, isn't he?
He just makes himself at home!
We call him Nutman, NutterButter, PeaNuttle, & NutButt.
Eli is doing SO GREAT this week!  He slept in until 6:12 this morning!
He spent his first 1/2 hour cracking up at Baby Newton and Madame Blueberry videos!
Here he is chillin' in his Elmo shirt!
Thanks for praying everyone.  It's a slow road, but Eli is making some progress.  We started our new feeding plan March 6th.  Giving Eli 10 mL's of formula every 20 minutes.  And running his pump at 25/hr at night.  With a goal of 500 mL's a day.  Just enough to keep him alive!
We are now giving him 20 mL's every half hour, and running his pump at 33/hr at night.  He's getting a total of about 630 mL's a day now.
The first big goal is 750 mL's a be a maintenance amount for Eli.  Then we'll slowly work up to 900 or more, in hopes of getting him to gain weight.
Baby steps.  But, we're getting there!


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures today! Silly little cat it thinks it is his Guardian Angel! So Cute! Hope he sleeps good tonight also! oxoxoxo

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