Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gazelle Stander

Yesterday we went and had Eli fitted for a stander.  It's called the Gazelle and it's made by SnugSeat.
We are doing a little more research, but I'm pretty sure we will be ordering this one.  Soon! :)
Eli was in a great mood, and did very well in the stander!  I have some video I'd like to share, but I see that blogger doesn't allow you to upload it directly like they used to.  Bummer. 
I'm going to have to figure out another way to add it here.
This is the large size. Too big for our boy!
He'll be getting the medium, and it's green!


Heidi Case said...

What a big boy!! Look at him playing with his toys : ) good job Eli!!

Anonymous said...

I know I am Magnatized! Love ya sweetie, you look so grown up!

Karen said...

He is a "chick magnet"

Anonymous said...

Hey amer's how did you do two pic side by side? I want to do that on my temari blog???

Lynn EnsMom said...

There is a lot to love on your blog! Thanks for visiting mine. Your Gram probably would have gotten along well with mine.... women are amazing!
Your son is adorable and you sound like one amazing mom and wife! God Bless you....
It might look like HillBillly Valley, but it also looks pretty awesome to me!

Lynn EnsMom