Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Walk In The Park

There is a little park, down by the river that has a nice pathway around it.  When I was pregnant, Lon and I would go for walks on weekends.  It was nice because if I got too tired, we weren't that far from the car!  :)
Once when Eli was still a baby, we were there hanging out in the grass, and the "County Work Release Crew" came to the park for their lunch break.  We packed up and left quickly.  I realize they need to eat somewhere...but a public park?  I thought it was odd.
Anyway, our weather continues to be L OV E L Y, about 75 today!  There is a slight breeze blowing.  The birds are singing, the cats are playing, the dogs are sleeping in the sun, and it really doesn't get any better than this!  Well, maybe having friends over for lemonade or something!  :)
I loved this stroller when I saw it in a magazine.
I had to have it. It doesn't "look" like a wheelchair.
Plus, you could get the side cushions in orange!

Then, summer came and I ordered the umbrella.
This is the best they could do?
It's the goofiest thing you've ever seen, and it doesn't even stay in place!
It's such a pain to use!
Down by the river...
Unfortunately, our walk was cut very short!
This stroller wasn't made for 4x4 trails!
We had some flooding this winter, and the river brought all these rocks up onto the grass in the park!
It blocked the pathway in two spots.
I decided to cut across the grass...only to encounter sticks, branches, rocks, and dried wheel tracks...
I had to pull Eli stroller backwards, and we barely made it through!  Of course our State/County/etc has no money for parks and such, so I don't expect it to be cleaned up anytime soon.
Guess we'll have to find a new park. ;(


Anonymous said...

Did eli like the walk? Did he talk or giggle? Looks like a beautiful day, sorry about the paths..bummer, nice to get our though! Love ya Shi~

Jennifer T. said...

I found you on the blog "Dancing Barefoot"! I live in one of my baby homes in Bolivia, South America, for abandoned children. We have an 18 month old with moderate CP. I LOVE Eli's "wheelchair in disguise". Could you possibly send me more information on different options? We have other special needs children, including with CP, but Beni is my most affected and unless God brings him a family soon, will probably need more "equipment".

Thank you!
Jennifer in Bolivia