Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunshine, Swings, Doggy Love, and Easter Giraffes!?

Mr. Sun finally decided to warm up our valley - and it's currently 70 degrees!
I'm wearing shorts and loving it!
Eli is not wearing pants....and [I hope] loving it.
When Lon came home for lunch today, he took Eli outside to
check out our new swing!
(It was a house warming gift from my step-dad)
Then they sat in the grass. 
 I immediately hollered, "you can't sit in the grass with Eli, the dogs will lick him like crazy!"
Before I could finish the sentence, Sam and Lou Lou were on duty!
Doesn't this look like fun?  LOL!
It is so beautiful out today.  I'm getting ready to take Eli out again.
We have the house windows open, doors open, and
I'm in heaven!  Spring is my favorite season and 70 suits me fine!
Who would ever think you get a GIRAFFE in an Easter Basket at the store!?
Woo Hoo!  I was so excited!  Thanks Animal Planet!
Now, can you find a new manufacturer?  I don't like buying Chinese products....
I've gotta get serious about my boycott!  It will save us a lot of money...
because there will be NOTHING to buy!
But for today, I am thankful for the cute little giraffe puppet
 to add to Eli's collection.  He now has 26 giraffes!
Peanut is getting a little too comfy on Eli's blanket lately!  Sheesh!
H A P P Y    S P R I N G    E V E R Y O N E !!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Peanut is just watching over Eli...not to worry he will take a shift when your busy!

I am with you on the China Boycott tho'! Love the E-Man out in the yard with Daddy and the Dogs! yea for Sunshine!!!!!!