Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Could Baby Horses BE Any Cuter?

The neighbor's horse gave birth to this beauty on Monday 6/1/09.
He doesn't have a name yet, but he sure is a cutie!
These pictures were taken Saturday morning, 6/6/09, as they were hanging out right by our fence.
I just love his coloring!
We had a yard sale this day, in our neighborhood, and he was THE HIT of the day!
Everyone kept asking, "How old is the baby?" and "He's adorable!"
I just love living in the country!


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful little Colt...No wonder everyone was talking...he has a nice "splash of chrome"!

Ok, I fess ...I had to call Joe and get the Right lingo..I knew he would fix me up so I sounded like a pro...hahaha hehehe heee heeeee

Michelle said...

Oh he is so beautiful! Makes me miss my horses. They were adopted by a new family a couple of weeks ago.

CocoCayubsMom said...

What a gorgeous little colt, I would love living in the country too.