Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our Day In Pictures...

I'm so excited to report that Eli can FINALLY sit in his Racing Stroller that we bought when I was pregnant!
It was never a successful venture in the past...but thanks to his Ativan....his calmer body was able to enjoy a stroll around the pasture!  And a jog around the parking area we have! :)
Here he is at 3 months old:
He did OK here.  I think he started crying and I was still new to the whole CP we didn't try it again.....Until....
 February 2008 (age 2 1/2). 
I had all kinds of blankets rolled and tucked everywhere.  It was a nightmare!  This was the heyday of him hating to sit.  Without the proper support and restraints like in his carseat it was a total bust!  I wanted to sell the stroller after this!
We actually had someone want to buy it a few months ago....and Lon just didn't want to give up trying him in it someday.  I'm so glad we kept it!  It's a much smoother ride than his adaptive stroller!  He can enjoy outside with me now while I water plants and stuff! :)
...     ...     ...
Went to our fence line and visited Mr. Llama today.
He was in the mood for some posing!  What a character!
Tonight Eli fell asleep at 5 pm.
I tried to wake him by rolling him onto his back.
Do you think it worked?
He finally woke up at 5:55 (when I was quietly talking to the video camera while taping him!)  Then, he didn't go back to sleep until 7:00 pm.  So, that's a good thing.  I didn't want to wake up at 4 in the morning tomorrow.  He's already back to waking around 5:00 am.  I don't want a repeat of last Fall/Winter's 4 am wakings.  His early Spring sleeping schedule of sleeping in until 5:45 or 6:00 was bliss!
Now, here is a sight not usually seen in our house:
When I rolled Eli over and could tell he was really asleep and like a wet noodle I positioned his legs this way to trigger some stretches in his hip joints thanks to gravity!
This is as far as his legs will open this way!  His hips don't have great range of motion unfortunately.
I do!  I do!
Just look what I found on my plant today:
I love seeing God's creation grow.  I love sharing in His miracles!
Can you believe this little plant that I planted in May
Now looks like this!!
We swear it's a magic barrel!
And finally - here are the Wave Petunias I planted in May:
And what they look like today:
FABULOUS, Don't ya think??


CocoCayubsMom said...

Awesome Blog Aim, I loved every word of it. Eli is so sweet! Great pictures as always. Yumm Yumm your tomatoes are right on schedule. Love to you all,
Love Love'e

Anonymous said...

I love that he is sitting in his stroller so well, and that he can go more places with you! ...and as for you gardeners..still jealous!

Anonymous said...

Oh and I love your Llama, did you know they spit? just wondering....and your flowers are so BEAUTIFUL!....osososososo (hugs and squishes, if you must know)