Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

My niece Amelia was here visiting all last week.  It was wonderful!
She spent time playing with my scrapbooking stuff - and made some really cute crafts!  We watched movies....namely, Twilight, which I just wasn't sure if I'd like, so I wanted to see it with her because she's read the books and I wanted all the back story info, you know?  Vampire movies need a tutorial in my opinion!  LOL!  Turns out it was a very sweet love story....and I would have absolutely been hooked when I was younger!  I wouldn't mind reading the books.....but they are really thick!  No time for that around here!

Unfortunately, Eli's caregiver was sick all week.  The big plans we visit all the different cultural things around our town...turned into quiet days at home....but she's the easiest company to have around and was happy to just read books when I needed to do housework, or put Eli down for naps and bedtime.

The week in Re-cap:
  1. We picked blueberries - 12 lbs total
  2. We went to Costco - and she bought three history books.
  3. We went to the Feed Store - and she bought Peacock Feathers.
  4. We made brownies...and ate the whole pan.
  5. She created a scrapbook page using a beautiful picture of her sister Joey at Magone Lake.
  6. She made one mini accordian album and decorated a mint tin to put it in.
  7. We went shopping at Craft Warehouse - she bought a small sketchbook for her purse - she loved it!
  8. We went to lunch at Red Robin - service was slow but the flavored lemonades were delish!
  9. Then, we went to the Yakima Valley Museum.  Great art exhibit was on display and she got to see an original painting by one of her favorite artists:  Hung Liu 
  10. We went scrapbooking at the monthly crop that I go to and she worked on an 8x8 album I gave her - we visited, ate, crafted, and went home at 10 so she could get a good night's sleep for her 5 hour drive the next morning.
I feel so blessed!  I'm so thankful for my family!


Honeycombmama said...

Sounds like a wonderful week! Glad you enjoyed your time, I have a daughter hooked on Twilight as well, like you I wasn't sure it would be for me, but, it was a cute love story:) Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

We are so sun burned! Magone was great and Steph was just as beautiful as we knew she would be! I will blogg in a bit about it! Thanks for sending her back our way! Missed her so...Love ya sis...Ps..the pictures of Eli and her Wonderful! He is so looking like a young boy and not a baby anymore! Sigh!