Monday, June 22, 2009

Helicopter, Helicopter, Over My Head....

As you've seen in a previous post, we have a HUGE Maple tree in our backyard.  In the early Spring helicopters grow on it....and then start falling off in late Spring, as the leaves come on.
Remember playing with them when you were a kid?  Heck, they're fun as adults!!  We've been having a blast with them!  You can take a handful and throw them in the air....and it puts on quite a show!
But, we've learned two things:
A)  They self propagate!
Little seedlings start wherever they land in dirt and can get a little water!  We've had them in all our flower barrels.  I finally decided to start saving some, and see how big I can get them.  I gotta be able to find somebody I know who wants a Maple tree start for free, right? :)
I've even thought of becoming a Maple Tree Grower.
B)  They are a bit of a nuisance!
One day Lonnie decided to see if the gutters needed cleaning out....and look what he found!
So, with our handy dandy leaf blower, in reverse mode, he vacuumed them out of the gutters! :)
Every season brings something to clean up with all these trees we have.  Good thing we love nature!
...and playing with helicopters...


Anonymous said...

Ha ha..not to fun I am sure! Like doing dishes...always comes around again...wish I had a place (sigh) I love maples!...I can see you and Amelia now...zoom-zoom...hahahahahahhaha