Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On Blueberry Hill

Last night after Eli fell asleep, like this, (while I was dressing him after his bath)
My niece Amelia, who is here visiting me this week, and I went here:
The guy said, "Pick anywhere you want, and eat as much as you can while you're picking."
The sun was going down, there was a slight breeze, and it was just beautiful weather for harvest!
Of course we had to take the infamous self-portrait.
Amelia - picking away...
Did you know this is how Blueberries grew?
I didn't.
They were VERY easy to pick! No thorns! :)
and here is our bounty:
12 lbs of Blueberries = $20.50
Picking with my niece, making this memory = Priceless!


Michelle said...

Oh yum, makes me want to plant blueberries! The scenery looks a little like eastern Washington.

Anonymous said...

I want some! I pay 5.99 for a bag at Chesters...and use a bag a week...can you go back??? hee heee...Miss you both to much! hugs...

Verna said...

Yum, yum.... yes they are expensive here too.

CocoCayubsMom said...

I guess I will be the oddball and say Yuk, I hate blueberries but it looks like you had alot of fun and I loved the pictures. I wish I did like them because they are sooo good for you. Love ya! Have fun with Amelia,xoxoox.

rick said...

Amelia's such a beautiful spirit! Bet she had a blast with you. Give her my love.

Where did Montana and Doc move??? Must not have read that bit yet???

Keri said...

Love the way Eli is sleeping. Makes me smile cause that's exactly how Logan sleeps too.

Call me crazy, weird, or what have you, but I like imitation blue berries better than the real deal (it's a texture thing), but I gotta say... those looks delicious! Glad you have this memory and photos with your niece to cherish